Call: Computer Entertainment in Cars and Transportation (ACE 2013 Workshop)

Call for participation

Computer Entertainment in Cars and Transportation
Workshop at ACE 2013, Enschede, the Netherlands November 12th

Entertainment technology has the potential to not only entertain travelers but also to reduce frustration, aggression, and foster positive behavior in all traveling situations. Games or Gamification can also help shaping the traveller’s behavior for the better by, for example, keeping them of from driving during rush hour or using less fossil energy getting from A to B.

This workshop is a forum to discuss how to enrich technology in transportation through aspects of entertainment and gaming. Example topics include

  • Future vision of new games and game interfaces for transportation
  • Game and entertainment application concepts, prototypes, and systems for being on the move
  • Studies on informing transportation entertainment system design
  • Social aspects of gaming in the transportation domain, including passengers as well as personnel
  • Interaction modalities for transportation entertainment

Research statements are welcomed in different formats, texts should not be longer than 4 pages in the ACE conference format. Besides submitting written statements, researchers and designers are also invited to submit an URL linking to digital documentation of a game, artifact, tool, service, project or study that offers a particular view on entertainment in transportation. Interactive presentations (such as demos) are highly encouraged.

We also invite participants without a position paper who are willing to join the discussion. If you are interested, please send a message to the email address below to state your interest in participating.

Interested individuals are invited to submit a research statement, position paper, demo, video, etc about their perspective on entertainment in transportation to by September, 28th 2013.

We look forward to your contribution!

Workshop organizers:

David Wilfinger (University of Salzburg)
Alexander Meschtscherjakov (University of Salzburg)
Christiane Moser (University of Salzburg)
Manfred Tscheligi (University of Salzburg)
Petra Sundström (Mobile Life)
Dalila Szostak (Intel)
Roderick McCall (University of Luxembourg)


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