Call: Habits in Human-Computer Interaction Workshop @ BCS HCI 2013

Habits in Human-Computer Interaction Workshop @ BCS HCI 2013
9th September 2013 @ Brunel University, London

Major characteristics of our interactions with technology lie in their frequency and execution in stable contexts, which according to behavioural psychology, form crucial foundations for the development of habitual behaviours. Habits are currently addressed as implicit facets of interaction design through concepts such as consistency, intuitiveness and learnability. That said, little research has focused explicitly on the habitual nature of our interactions with technology, the implications for HCI of habituated interaction and how disrupting these digital habits can impact on HCI related concepts. This full day workshop aims to define the area and scope of research for habits in the HCI discipline.


The workshop will aim to look at a range of topics relevant to defining the role, implications, issues and challenges in researching habits in human-computer interactions. It aims to attract submissions from researchers who are interested in issues such as:

  • The definition of habits in HCI
  • How habits are formed, maintained, broken and rebuilt in HCI contexts
  • Cues to habit execution in HCI contexts
  • The transferability of habits between the real-world and digital interactions
  • Methodologies and approaches needed to effectively research HCI habits
  • The impact of habit making and breaking on existing HCI concepts (e.g. usability, affordances, user experience, user error)
  • How research on habits in HCI can inform behavioural psychological research on habits more generally

However this list is by no means exhaustive and submissions that authors feel are relevant to the theme more generally are also encouraged.


Its primary purpose is to form a community to share ideas, best practice and connect those that are interested in this area to develop future activities (e.g. Journal Special Issues, CHI Spotlights, Panel Session and Workshop, HCI 2014 Workshop/Panels).

The workshop will also look to delineate and discuss areas for grant proposals within this domain, both at a UKRC (EPSRC and ESRC) and EU level (Horizon 2020).


Dates for Submission:  28th June 2013
Notification of Acceptance:  22nd July 2013
Camera Ready Papers to Workshop Chairs:  9th August 2013

With the objective of gathering a range of discussion topics and views the workshop will consider:

Position statements (2 pages max)
Proposition papers (4 pages max)
Original pieces of research (6 pages max)
Reviews of current literature in related fields (6 pages max)

Each submission will receive at least 2 reviews

Submissions should be in BCS ewics format and authors should submit their contributions in pdf or word format to

All accepted contributions will be archived online through the workshop website.


Benjamin R. Cowan (HCI Centre, University of Birmingham)
Chris P. Bowers (HCI Centre, University of Birmingham)
Rowanne Fleck (UCL Interaction Centre, University College London)
Russell Beale (HCI Centre, University of Birmingham)
Bas Verplanken (Department of Psychology, University of Bath)
Anna Cox (UCL Interaction Centre, University College London)
Charlie Pinder (HCI Centre, University of Birmingham)


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