Call: The Mediated City (two multidisciplinary conferences)

Dear all.

Below is information on a multidisciplinary conference event. The aim is to bring people from diverse backgrounds together around the issue of “the city”.

Please pass on the call and get in touch with any queries. In addition to standard papers we are asking for proposals for a range of activities: workshops, panel discussions, book launches etc. So feel free to propose something of interest.


– two multidisciplinary conferences examining “the city”…… a virtual, filmic, social, political and physical construct.

Place: London
Dates: 01-03 April 2014
Host: Ravensbourne (University)

Place: Los Angeles
Dates: October 2014 (TBC)
Host: Woodbury University


The nature of the city is a contested concept. For architects it is generally a question of bricks and mortar – a physical entity. For human geographers it is a place of human interaction and engagement. For filmmakers it is a site for action and futuristic nightmare. For animators and computer programmers it becomes a virtual world – a second life, a SIMulated city. For sociologists, it is a defining aspect of cultural identity. For political activists and theorists, it is a place to ‘occupy’ and the site of the polis.

THE MEDIATED CITY conference offers a platform for multiple and diverse examinations of the city. It aims to bring people together from diverse backgrounds and fragment, multiply and reconfigure our readings of the city; to offer multiple and conflicting discipline perspectives. The intention is to share views of the city as physical entity, online community, film set, photographic backdrop, geographical map, sociological case study, political metaphor, digital or video game etc…. – to examine it as a mediated and shared phenomenon.

Key dates – Conference 1 – London:

15 September 2013.  Deadline for abstracts / initial proposals

15 January 2014.  Deadline for full papers / detailed proposals

01 April 2014.  Conference –1

For full details visit:

Dr Graham Cairns (g.cairns@RAVE.AC.UK)


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