Future of foreplay? Fundawear lets couples touch intimately over distance

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[From Pocket-lint, where you can watch the 1:31 minute Durex video; a 1:34 minute CNN video story is here; the Durex video followed by a panel discussion can be found in a segment of The Common Room on YouTube here]


Revealed: The future of foreplay is in Fundawear

By Pocket-lint Promotion
29 May 2013

Relationships and the act of foreplay are set to be revolutionised following the launch of a groundbreaking invention from Durex, which takes intimate underwear to a whole new level. Following months of development, Durex is excited to reveal the world’s first creation of sensory underwear, called Fundawear, which allows personal touch to be transferred from a smartphone app to a unique set of underwear.

Fundawear is a prototype technology that allows physical touch to be transferred wirelessly between couples and recreated on their skin. It sends real touch from one smartphone to another and from there to mini sensors inside the Fundawear garments, so couples can tease, tickle and tantalise – even when they are apart.

This technology, developed in Australia for the global brand, may give a new future for foreplay, allowing couples to be intimate with each other even when they are apart, tailoring the intensity of their touch to their partners’ preference.

Dr Nikki Goldstein, Sexologist and Relationship expert said “When it comes to sex, people often focus the majority of importance on penetration rather than touch, which can be vital for intimacy, sexual pleasure and relationship satisfaction. When we touch someone we have the ability to connect with them, allow them to feel secure and desired, and even release sex hormones that can help us get in the mood.

Fundawear will not only help to replicate touch when a couple can’t physically be together, but also help people laugh, enjoy and have fun with the intimate side of their relationship. Instead of a text, email or phone call to let them know you are thinking about them, why not touch them?”

While social media and Skype allow us to see each other, Fundawear now adds the dimension of touch. The technology behind Fundawear is a world-first, resulting in a practical tool that can be used to keep intimacy alive between couples working unsociable hours, in long-distance relationships or even just for fun in the same room.

“At Durex, we believe sex should be fun – spontaneous and full of surprises. That’s why we are continually ‘durexperimenting’ with new ways to help people have the best sex ever. Fundawear is the first ‘Durexperiment’ and we’re excited about the opportunity it presents to couples,” said Durex marketing director Chris Tedesco.

Fundawear combines existing and new technologies to create a brand new way of transferring touch wirelessly over vast distances. Fundawear takes touch input from one partner via their touch screen smartphone and sends these signals across the internet via a special real-time server to their partner’s touch screen device. From here it is transferred to the Fundawear garment where the touch sensation is recreated on the skin. This all happens in a split second so the experience is very natural.

Snepo Technologies have been working closely with Durex and are responsible for the technology behind Fundawear. According to Ben Moir: “We’ve never made anything like this before – this is a first! We’re excited about the future of wearable electronics and the transfer of human touch over the Internet. It’s only just the start of an incredible change in the way we relate and interact with each other.”

Durex is putting Fundawear to the ultimate test by offering two Australians the chance to become testers of Fundawear for themselves. Those interested in experimenting should visit facebook.com/Durex.Australia to sign up.


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