Call: Workshop on Mediated Touch and Affect (MeTA) at ACII 2013

Workshop on Mediated Touch and Affect (MeTA)

Conference: The fifth biannual Humaine Association Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII 2013).

2-5 September 2013, Geneva, Switzerland


DEADLINE: 24th of May


Our sense of touch allows us to feel shapes, textures and temperatures, and we use these sensations to haptically explore the world around us, and manipulate objects. However, touch can also be hedonically pleasant, such as the smooth feel of finely crafted piece of wooden furniture, or the subtleness of a silk dress. Moreover, touch is a central modality in human-to-human communication. Touch can communicate positive or negative emotions, or serve as an intensifier of emotional displays from other modalities. Recent advances in haptic technology have spurred the development of prototypes that aim to mediate touch. These prototypes make it possible to experience tactile sensations, or engage in social touch at a distance, adding a rich affective channel to interaction with digital systems, and remote communication.

The main aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from diverse communities, such as affective computing, haptics, augmented reality, communication, design, psychology, human-robot interaction, and telepresence. The goal is to discuss the current state of, and the future directions for, research in aspects of the touch-technology-affect triangle (as it is exemplified in mediated social touch); to highlight good case studies; to reflect on the methodological issues; and to brainstorm about applications. We welcome papers that deal with touch, and haptic technologies in relation to affect.

Topics of interest

Psychology and physiology of touch

  • Comparisons between social touch and mediated social touch;
  • Emotion elicitation through (mediated) touch;
  • Tactile perception;
  • Touch, multi-sensory substitution/interaction and affective experience
  • Effects of gender, body location, timing, etc;
  • Touch and theories of emotion.


  • Design of affective touch devices;
  • Haptic stimulation and actuators;
  • Automatic analysis of tactile input, and automatic generation of haptic output for mediated touch.

Applications and context

  • Contexts in which mediated touch can/should take place;
  • Mediated touch combined with other modalities;
  • The role of presence in the experience of mediated touch.

Important dates

Submission deadline: May 24th 2013
Notification of acceptance: June 10th 2013
Camera-ready version: June 17th 2013
Workshop date: September 2nd 2013


The workshop solicits original and unpublished papers concerning mediated touch and affect. Submissions can be send to submission [dot] metaworkshop [at] gmail [dot] com. If the submission size exceeds 10MB, please make it available for download. Papers should not exceed 6 pages in length in PDF format, and should conform to the IEEE publication guidelines. For templates and examples, see:

The workshop papers will be published in the ACII’13 proceedings on IEEE explore.

Workshop Chairs

Gijs Huisman, University of Twente
Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, University College London
Dirk Heylen, University of Twente

Program Committee

Jeremey Bailenson (Stanford University, USA)
Frédéric Bevilacqua (IRCAM, France)
Adrian Cheok (Keio University, Japan)
Jan van Erp (TNO, the Netherlands)
Alberto Gallace (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy)
Daniel Gooch (University of Bath, UK)
Antal Haans (TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands)
Wijnand IJsselsteijn (TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands)
Karon MacLean (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Hendrik Richter (LMU – University of Munich, Germany)
Thomas van Rompay (University of Twente, the Netherlands)
Rick Schiffersteijn (TU Delft, the Netherlands)
Ana Tajadura-Jiménez (University College London, UK)
Dzmitry Tsetserukou (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)


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