Call: Workshop on Mixed Reality for Health and Wellbeing

Workshop on Mixed Reality for Health and Wellbeing – Call for Papers and Participation

As part of the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality
(ISMAR) 2013 to be held in Adelaide, S.A., Australia, October 1, 8:00 am ‐ 5:00 pm

We are holding a workshop on Mixed Reality for Health and Wellbeing. We are seeking short paper and work‐in‐progress submissions. Topics of interests include (but are not limited to):

  • AR/MR Exposure Therapy
  • AR/MR assisted rehabilitation
  • AR/MR supported phobia treatment
  • Sense of Presence and Immersion in augmented environments
  • Post‐traumatic stress disorder management and treatment
  • Assistive devices and computer games
  • Mirror neurons and neuroplasticity in therapy and rehabilitation
  • AR/MR supported cognitive rehabilitation
  • AR/MR supported Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Resilience building after mass trauma
  • New evaluation approaches
  • New hard‐ and software solutions
  • Augmented Human research
  • MR and Quantified Self
  • Exergames

Important Deadlines:

  • Two‐page papers with an accompanying full‐page figure: June 17, 2013
  • Work‐in‐progress submissions: July 8, 2013
  • Decision notification: July 15, 2013


Send your submissions by email to Formatting templates and guidelines can be found here: (same as ISMAR).

Further Information:

We are looking forward to seeing you participating in MRHW 2013!

Hugh Davies (LaTrobe, AUS), Andreas Duenser (CSIRO, AUS), Holger Regenbrecht (Otago, NZ), Carson Reynolds (Tokyo, JP)


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