A life-sized, man-shaped boyfriend pillow for lonely women

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Boyfriend Pillow

LOL: A Life-Sized, Man-Shaped Boyfriend Pillow For Lonely Women

By Dorothy Tan, 22 Apr 2013

Utrecht-based Dutch designer and illustrator Noortje de Keijzer has created a funny and rather creepy knitted boyfriend pillow for lonely women who need a man in their lives.

The ‘My Knitted Boyfriend’ project currently consists of two life-sized, man-shaped pillows—named “Arthur” and “Steve”—which not only look different, but have different personalities as well.

These pillows are designed for women “to cuddle, to caress, to hug, and to smile with”—with them, you will never feel alone again because you can be sure that they will never leave you.

To help you create your very own ideal boyfriend, the designer has also knitted manly accessories for these knitted boyfriends, including moustaches, beards, glasses, bow-ties and even tattoos.

There is also a cute illustrated book that shows you the many things you can do with your knitted boyfriend—whatever a real boyfriend can do, it seems Arthur and Steve can do better.

What do you think—are these a great alternative to troublesome flesh-and-blood boyfriends or just very disturbing?

[via Design Boom]


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