Call: Rethinking ‘Nature’ – Special issue of Teoria

«Teoria», 1/2014
Ripensare la ‘natura’/ Rethinking ‘Nature’

Guest Editor: Flavia Monceri

Call for papers:

The notion of nature is one of the most recurring, and perhaps questioned notions, in Western philosophy and the social sciences. Although its definition was never obvious, nature currently seems in need of a more radical rethinking, also due to the increasing relevance of research fields that compel to its revision. This is just the goal of the present issue of «Teoria», by means of collecting contribution coming not only from philosophical but also social, psychological, literary and artistic sciences, at the aim to provide a reconstruction of the state of the art about the current definitions of nature and their implication for the concrete practices, which explicitly or implicitly refer to it. But there is a further goal: to let a number of hints emerge to correct, modify or even replace current definitions and understandings of nature with more adequate ones to constitute an effective reference for the problems of our time.

Contribution may be submitted, among others, on the following issues, which are non-exhaustively listed:

The notion of nature
Representations of nature
Nature and culture, nature/nurture
Nature, environment, human being
Nature and biotechnologies
Nature and human bodies
Nature and cultural context(s)
Nature and transcendence
Nature, power and politics
‘Real’ and ‘virtual’ nature

Alongside with some invited contributions, some others will be selected among the submitted ones. Prospective authors should send an abstract (max 1000 words) to the following e-mail addresses by 31th March 2013:, (Prof. Adriano Fabris) and (Prof. Flavia Monceri) with the indication “Teoria-Rethinking Nature” in the subject heading. Abstracts will be peer-reviewed and the acceptance or refusal of the submission will be notified by 30th April 2013. The Editorial board reserves the faculty not to accept the final drafts that do not correspond to submitted abstracts, or do not pass the further selection process to which final drafts will be submitted. Moreover, the Editorial board reserves the faculty to ask the Authors to revise their contributions to fit them to the referees’ evaluations and/or editorial standards.

Abstracts and contributions can be submitted both in Italian and in English. The final draft must be submitted by 30th October 2013, to undergo the further selection process: the definitive answer on acceptance and eventual requested revisions will be given by 15th/11/2013. The accepted contribution, including the eventual revisions, must be submitted by 30th November 2013.Authors are requested to follow the style guidelines of « Teoria», which are available on its website (; contributions should be between7000-8000 words long.


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