Call: International Journal of Intelligent Games and Simulation (IJIGS)

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the new website of International Journal of Intelligent Games and Simulation: IJIGS. IJIGS is a free online journal, which was established in 2001. It is the first international journal of its kind that has raised awareness of the need for more sophisticated intelligence in computer games suited for the next generation of computer games and interactive digital media applications.

The editorial board encourages all authors working in any discipline related to Computer Games Development and Games applications to submit original and quality papers to the next issue of the IJIGS Journal. All manuscripts will be peer reviewed by subject experts and authors will be requested to fully address all recommendations made by the reviewers prior to journal publication.

IJIGS publishes a wide range of papers that covers the most recent advancements in Computer Games Development are presented as well as Games applications, emerging platforms and technologies.

Please help us to maintain and improve the quality of the journal by offering your constructive feedback.

Many thanks for your support and contribution.

Monica Chauhan
IJIGS Administrator


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