Call: Experiencing Interactivity in Public Spaces (EIPS), a CHI 2013 workshop

Call for Participation for CHI’13 workshop on Experiencing Interactivity in Public Spaces (EIPS)

Mobile and ubiquitous systems create opportunities for new kinds of interactivity in public spaces. This one-day workshop will bring together researchers, designers, practitioners and media artists to discuss new forms of experiences with publicly used interactive systems. We will discuss a broad sample of existing systems and prototypes, and issues related to user experiences in public spaces. We will have intensive group work sessions with both analytical and creative approaches.

Paper submission deadline: January 11th, 2013
Notifications: February 8th, 2013
Workshop: April 28th in Paris

Please visit EIPS workshop web site for more details:

This workshop addresses the following issues:

  • Experiences with publicly used interactive systems – experienced by the users and spectators
  • Public interactions which invite other people to join and public interactions which are meant as private
  • Experiences of public interactivity with various modalities, e.g. bodily movements, gestures and speech
  • Social acceptance and social implications of interactivity in the public space; privacy
  • Community interaction and collaboration; multi-person interaction; ad-hoc community formation
  • Experiences with interactive media arts
  • Methodological issues of evaluating user experience in public spaces

The results of the workshop will be an “experience design space” and a research agenda for experiences with interactive systems used in public spaces. These results will help set targets for future research, as well as provide focus for designing for experience with such systems.

Position papers of maximum 5 pages in the CHI extended abstracts format should be submitted via EasyChair by Friday, January 11th, 2013. Notifications will be given by February 8th, 2013. One author of each paper is required to register to the workshop and one day of CHI’13. Maximum of 25 authors will be invited to participate, based on the quality and relevance of their submitted position or research papers.

Looking forward to your submissions!

EIPS organisers
Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, Jonna Häkkilä, Alvaro Cassinelli, Jörg Müller, Enrico Rukzio, Albrecht Schmidt

EIPS program committee:
Jussi Ängeslevä, ART+COM media design studio, Finland and Berlin University, Germany
Matthias Baldauf, FTW, Austria
Keith Cheverst, Lancaster University, UK
David Geerts, KU Leuwen, Belgium
Uta Hinrichs, University of St Andrews, UK
Katherine Isbister, New York University/NYU-Poly, USA
Matt Jones, Swansea University, UK
Yasuaki Kakehi, Keio University, Japan
Tomas Laurenzo, Universidad de la República of Uruguay
Ann Morrison, Aalborg University, Denmark
Marianna Obrist, Newcastle University, UK
Thomas Olsson, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Daniela Petrelli, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Derek F. Reilly, Dalhousie University, Canada
Jacob Tholander, Mobile Life Centre, Sweden
Jo Vermeulen, Hasselt University, Belgium
Danielle Wilde, RMIT, Australia


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