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ISPR 2012 “Presence Live!” Conference
International Society for Presence Research Annual Conference
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
October 25 – 26, 2012

[Immediate Contact: Tim Downs, Interwork Media, Inc.;  1+949-235-8985]

The concept of telepresence, often shortened to ‘presence,’ is commonly referred to as a sense of ‘being there’ in a virtual environment and can be more broadly defined as an illusion of non-mediation in which users of any technology overlook or misconstrue the technology’s role in their virtual experience.

A telepresence conferencing system makes us feel as if we’re face-to-face; an online virtual world seems real; a 3D IMAX film makes us reach out to touch objects on the screen; we get ‘lost’ in the worlds of novels, TV shows, movies, videogames and theme park rides; doctors, engineers, explorers and many others operate machinery thousands of miles away as if they were at the remote site; students learn about the world and workers learn how to do their jobs using compelling simulations; we think of and interact with computers, agents, avatars, robots and androids as if they were living social entities even though we know they’re not; we’re delighted by perceptual illusions in everything from ancient Trompe-l’œil paintings to modern digital art. As we expand technology’s capabilities and applications, we’re having ever more, and ever more compelling, presence experiences.

Join us for ISPR Presence Live 2012, the 14th international conference on presence.  This year’s event will showcase researchers and research studies from a diverse academic community in communication, computer science, psychology, philosophy, the arts, business, education and other fields. Presentations and papers by researchers and professionals in commercial, government, educational and other industry sectors are to be featured. Other events include visits to presence-related sites in Philadelphia and conference reception and dinner.


Presentations include:

Panel: Considerations for Social Presence Theory, Research, and Application in the 21st Century
Paul Skalski, David Westerman, Brian Blake, Kimberly Neuendorf and Stephanie Kelly

Shared Space and Collaboration:

Getting Into the Meeting-Feeling: An Explorative Analysis of Presence in Videoconferencing
Shirley Elprama, Katriina Kilpi, Aljosha Demeulemeester, An Jacobs and Rik Van de Walle

Shared Mediated Workspaces
Charlie Gullstrom, Tjerk de Greef, Leif Handberg, Harold Nefs and Peter Parnes

Effects of Facial and Voice Similarity on Presence in a Public Speaking Virtual Environment
Laura Aymerich-Franch, Cody Karutz and Jeremy N. Bailenson

What we Know (to include extended discussion):

How Immersive Is Enough?: A Foundation for a Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Immersive Technology on Measured Presence
James Cummings, Jeremy Bailenson and Mailyn Fidler

Factors that Cause Presence:

Effects of Media Form Factor on Smart TV; Frame Thickness Affecting Presence
Hwayeon Kong and Frank Biocca

Is Text Always Superior to Video? Investigating the Impact of Moving Images, Standard Video, and Text on Presence
Sean Bambrick, Robert Whitbred, Paul Skalski and Cheryl Bracken

The Effect of Motion on Presence during Virtual Sailing for Advanced Training
Fabian A. Mulder, Jouke C. Verlinden and Radoslaw R. Dukalski

Need for Presence and Other Motivations for Video Game Play across Genres
Paul Skalski, Francis Dalisay, Matthew Kushin and Yung-I Liu


Is Virtual Reality Made for Men Only? Exploring Gender Differences in the Sense of Presence
Anna Felnhofer, Oswald D. Kothgassner, Leon Beutl, Helmut Hlavacs and Ilse Kryspin-Exner.

Tracking Gesture to Detect Gender
Andrea Stevenson Won, Le Yu, Joris Janssen and Jeremy Bailenson

Beyond Embodiment and Social Presence: Preferences for Virtual Assistant Gender and Clothing Style
Jeunese Payne, Andrea Szymkowiak, Graham I. Johnson, Paul Robertson and Rosemary Henderson

Presence and Us:

Avatar Self-Identification as a Cognitive Metric of Self-Presence
Andrea Stevenson Won and Jeremy Bailenson

Presence in Our Lives:

Intimate Telepresence: Perpetual Contact and the Channels of Presence in Mobile Communication
Julia Czaja

Virtual Presence Technology in Separation and Divorce
Richard Wolman and Richard Pomerance

Exploring Facebook’s Success through Presence
Angela M. Cirucci

Positive Feedback Messages and the Role of Presence during Exercise Video Game Play
Jihyun Kim and C. Erik Timmerman

Models and Theories:

Extending the Computers as Theatre Metaphor: From Presence in the Theatre to Telepresence
Maeva Veerapen

Comparing the Effects of Transportation and Central Processing on Current and Future Beneficial Organizational Behaviors
Matt Makowski, Robert Whitbred, Cheryl Campanella Bracken and Paul Skalski


ISPR 2012 will have an interactive format in which all participants (attendees, presenters, invited speakers) attend each of the sessions as well as social events, allowing participants to exchange ideas and build knowledge together as the conference progresses.


Information and registration is available on the web at:, or at


The International Society for Presence Research (ISPR) is a non-profit membership organization founded in 2002 to support academic research related to the concept of (tele)presence. It publishes ISPR Presence News, which features news stories about presence; calls for participation in various presence-related conferences, publications and projects; job opportunities; and more, and is available in various formats (RSS feed; individual item and daily or weekly digest email; Twitter; Facebbok). The ISPR web site – – serves as a resource for those who conduct research, develop theory, design, market, write about, or simply are interested in, the concept and phenomena of presence.


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