Joseph Hyde’s ‘me and my shadow’ international telepresence experience

[From body>data>space, where the post includes a 1:23 minute video and many other images]

me and my shadow

by Joseph Hyde

10 – 26 June 2012 @ National Theatre, London

Teleport yourself into a deeply poetic experience. Connect and interact in a shared virtual space with people across Europe.

Co-produced by in the UK by body>data>space and National Theatre as part of the EU project MADE, and connecting real-time audiences between London, Paris, Brussels and Istanbul, me and my shadow, by UK artist Joseph Hyde in collaboration with Phill Tew will premiere at the National Theatre from 10 – 26 June 2012 as part of National Theatre Inside Out.

A deeply immersive experience consisting of four separate portals in London, Paris, Istanbul and Brussels, me and my shadow is an international telepresence experience that connects participants through a shared online environment.  Equipped with 3D motion capture devices, each portal features interactive life-size projections and immersive soundscapes. Participants are represented as live digital shadows and can communicate with each other in the real-time digital environment.

me and my shadow invites you to interact and perform with other remote users in an endless dream. In a richly aesthetic experience, the installation enables you to project your full body into a virtual world, to play with your shadow representation and to sculpt 3D shapes.

Dance with strangers, virtually feel and touch and breathe, meet your friends or family in Brussels, Istanbul or Paris.

Intuitive, experiential and visionary, the work questions the way we communicate with others online and the traces we leave in virtual space. me and my shadow invites you to re-imagine identity and self-representation in an increasingly blended virtual/physical reality: How does it feel to see yourself and perform as an avatar? Who is who in the virtual world?

In the UK, me and my shadow has been co-produced through an innovative partnership between pioneer East London collective body>data>space and National Theatre in London.

me and my shadow was commissioned by MADE (Mobility for Digital Arts in Europe), to benefit from 4 successive residencies hosted by the MADE partners in each of their countries. Read more about the mobility process and the Residency in London.

me and my shadow is commissioned by MADE, a co-operation project between lead organiser centre des arts d’Enghien-les-Bains (Paris, France) and partners body>data>space (London, UK), Transcultures (Mons, Belgium) and boDig (Istanbul, Turkey), with the support of the Culture programme of the European Union (2007-2013). UK co-producers are body>data>space and National Theatre in association with Bath Spa University. Supported using public funding by the Arts Council of England.

Read more about the full artistic process:

Enter the portal and create your own scenario…
10 – 26 June 2012
National Theatre Foyer, South Bank, London SE1 9PX
FREE Entry

All day event
Book and check opening hours: + 020 7452 3400
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