Call: Handbook of Computer Game Studies

Handbook of Computer Game Studies (working title)
Theories and Methods from the Perspective of Communications and Media Studies

Extended Abstract Deadline: June 1, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Computer games have fascinated millions of users for more than 30 years. Today, they constitute the strongest sector in media-entertainment industry and are part of the digital everyday life experience. Computer game studies require a deep understanding of the game’s functional and communicational mechanisms that support the player’s immersion in virtual worlds. Unfortunately, the discussion and academic research about usage and effects of computer games mostly take place isolated within different disciplinary contexts with various theoretical approaches.

The concept of this handbook is to bring together these divergent perspectives as well as to introduce the reader to the latest findings in computer game research, current topics, and theoretical and methodological approaches gained in diverse disciplinary contexts. The main focus will be on a) theoretical considerations about the history, form, usage and effects of computer games and b) on methodological considerations and empirical findings that look for suitable designs that measure the reception of computer games or that reflect their reception phenomena.

Possible topics are: genre, history and aesthetics, interface and game design, space and narrative structure in games, music and sound, aspects of storytelling, reception phenomena, computer games and identity, learning and skills and so on. Contributions of young researchers are especially welcomed.

In order to be considered for contribution, please send an extended abstract of max. 3.000 characters to and till June 1, 2012. We will inform you until July 1, 2012 whether your abstract is accepted for publication. The final submission deadline for accepted papers will be September 1, 2012.

The publication is planned to be published in the series “Medienrausch” in December 2012 at Peter Lang Publishers. Your final contribution should not exceed 15 printed pages (APA style). We will send you a detailed style-sheet after your proposal is accepted.

Benjamin Bigl, M.A.

Sebastian Stoppe M.A.


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