Call: Virtual Worlds Research Network inaugural conference

The Virtual Worlds Research Network announces its inaugural conference to take place in Edinburgh, UK, May 16-18, 2012.

In recent decades, the development and use of virtual worlds has grown from a niche interest to a phenomenon that affects tens of millions of people. As the nature of virtual worlds has evolved and their user base vastly increased, the research potential of virtual worlds has been recognized by a wide range of academic disciplines. The rapid development of research in and about this medium from investigators with various academic backgrounds means that cross-disciplinary communication and knowledge-sharing is extremely important to progress in the field.

The Virtual Worlds Research Network is an initiative to increase knowledge-sharing among virtual worlds researchers. It is a free academic network for anyone using virtual worlds as either the subject of or platform for research. The inaugural conference marks the network’s official launch.

We invite participants to submit position papers reflecting their current or recent work in virtual world research. Postgraduate submissions are encouraged, as this is an ideal opportunity for discussion of ongoing work. Example topics include (but are not limited to): Artificial Intelligence, Arts & Culture, Economics, Governance, Design, Education, Marketing, Sociology, Psychology and Research Methodologies; however papers covering any aspect of virtual worlds research are welcome.

We are delighted to announce that the keynote address will be given by Dr Richard Bartle, University of Essex.

In the spirit of increased knowledge sharing, we would like to highlight the importance of cross-regional knowledge-sharing in the field. In accordance with this goal, and given the importance of Asian contexts to virtual world development and practice, we therefore also invite contributions that explore virtual world research in Asia.

Important Information:

Abstract submission:  250 words, no later than April 7th, 2012
Submit to:

Notification of Acceptance:  April 15th, 2012

Conference Dates:  May 16th-18th, 2012

Please see the website for further detail and updates:


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