Call: 34th Annual Humanities and Technology Association Conference

34th Annual Humanities and Technology Association Conference
Bowie State University, Bowie, MD
04 – 06 October 2012

The Humanities and Technology Association is an interdisciplinary scholarly society that explores the impact of technology on human life from a broad range of perspectives. We welcome papers that investigate the cultural interaction of the humanities, science, engineering, and technology.

While progress in science, engineering, and technology can benefit the individual as well as society at large, it also has the power to be detrimental. Modern technologies are capable of redefining identity, the nature of social and political bonds, as well as plundering our planet’s resources. In the 21st century, survival and sustainability on all fronts require that we address the latest scientific and technological trends with an open mind so as to increase public awareness. We invite scholars from all disciplines to help us articulate a broad range of inquiries, reflections, and investigations into the interface between technology and the world at large.

Papers and panel suggestions will be arranged according to the following tracks:

PHILOSOPHICAL, POLITICAL, AND ETHICAL DIMENSIONS: topics focused on how technology impacts the sense of being human; the environment; political participation and democratic governance; sustainability; power and global equality

TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL LIFE: topics dealing with questions such as: does technology enable new/destroy old forms of social life; advance/hinder gender equality; raise/diminish standards of living and economic well-being; suggest/force human adaptations to technological environments?

REPRESENTATIONS OF TECHNOLOGY: the manifold interactions of art and technology; aesthetic and artistic accounts of and reactions to the destruction of old/creation of new technologies

TECHNOLOGY AND EDUCATION: topics focused on the broader interface between technology and pedagogy; technology, education, and the classroom

Please submit an abstract (approximately 500 words) by 25 May 2012 to Dr. George Sochan ( and state for which track you are submitting your paper.  (Also, include basic biographical information such as your affiliated institution and your position at this institution.)


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