Job: PhD in adaptive user interfaces – University College London

PhD in adaptive user interfaces – University College London

User interfaces that adapt to the user’s activities, situation and knowledge promise a significantly improved user interaction. Adaptive user interfaces need to model the user to make inferences about the interaction, requiring techniques such as agent-based modelling, machine learning and data mining. This PhD will investigate users’ interactions with adaptive user interfaces and novel techniques for adaptation in user interfaces, particularly in relation to mobile devices.

The student will be supervised by John Dowell and based in the Computer Science department at UCL within the user interaction research centre UCLIC. The research will involve a significant collaboration with Orange Labs in west London.

We are looking for someone who has:

  • an excellent undergraduate degree in Computer Science and preferably a masters degree in a subject relevant to user interface research
  • an interest in user interfaces and user interaction and an interest in collecting and analysing user interaction data collected through experiments, field studies etc
  • knowledge of computational techniques useful for adaptive systems such as agent modelling, data mining and machine learning
  • excellent communication skills
  • an interest in working within a multi disciplinary research centre

Applications should be submitted through UCL (, specifying Computer Science as the department and ‘John Dowell’ as the supervisor. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview in February.

Eligibility requirements: Standard EPSRC eligibility requirements hold, so to apply you must be either a UK resident or an EU citizen who has been resident here for at least three years.

The successful candidate will receive a tax-free stipend of £18,120 per annum for four years, plus support for travel and research.


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