Call: Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image – Special issue on embodiment

Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image invites submissions for its 3rd issue.

Submission deadline: 15 February, 2012 (abstracts)

The third issue of Cinema takes up the theme of embodiment and the body, its relationship to cinema’s history (theory and practice), and its reawaken in a recent body of research attentive, not only to film, but also to video and to new media. In the last few years, creative and theoretical work have focused in the body, either as phenomenological encounter immersed in everyday practices, or as a material process made of fluids, energies and forces, arguing, in both cases, that cinema is a ‘cinema of lived experience’ and/or of ‘sensation’ where the intellectual, mental and cognitive processes must be understood as embodied and carnal. At a time when the rhetoric of disembodiment and the virtual is becoming deeply questioned by flourishing issues on the moving image’s sensuous and haptics qualities, cinema as sensation, cinema of the body, etc., all these theorizations are, on the other hand, faced with  particularly challenging issues that spring  from new media practices, avatars and their prospective future: our changing concept of human body and of its relationship to mind and consciousness which is questioning the traditional mind/body divide.

This issue of Cinema calls for examinations of these issues in all its forms, in contexts including and beyond film. The editor welcomes innovative approaches that might address (but should not be limited to) the following themes:

  • Cinema and the senses
  • Cinema and the body
  • Cinema as sensation
  • Cinema as a materially-embodied structure
  • Cinema as a physical shock
  • Haptic/optic visuality
  • Critics to ocularcentrism
  • Moving Images and the ‘logics of sensation’
  • New media and new cinematic experiences
  • The embodied/disembodied debate and the moving images
  • New media and the Posthuman body
  • Embodied cognition
  • Technology, art and body
  • The virtual/actual
  • Cyborgs, avatars.

The submission deadline is 15 February 2012 (for 500-word abstracts). Prospective authors should submit a short CV along with the abstract. A selection of authors will be invited to submit full papers according to the journal guidelines. Acceptance of the abstract does not guarantee publication, since all papers will be subject to double blindpeer-review. Submissions are accepted in Portuguese and English (and in French and Spanish, but only from native speakers of these languages).

Cinema also invites submissions to its special sections: interviews, conference reports, and book reviews. For further details, please consult the journal’s web site.

Feel free to contact the editor for this issue, Patrícia Castello Branco on specific queries, or Sérgio Dias Branco, and Susana Viegas, with general queries at


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