Call: CHI 2012 Interactivity Explorations

CHI 2012 Interactivity Explorations : Call for projects : artists, designers and makers

CHI2012, the world’s largest conference on human-computer-interaction, is opening its doors to artists, designers and makers whose focus is on cultural applications and explorations of future technologies, to acknowledge and support their influence on future technology thinking and development.

If your work asks questions and inspires reflection on the role of technology in people’s lives, their dreams and imaginations, and if your mode of presentation can take us way beyond a traditional conference mindset, we want to hear from you. For the newly created Interactivity Explorations track we are looking for artworks, design experiences as well as inspirational technologies that the audience can engage with physically, intellectually and imaginatively.

CHI2012 will take place in Austin, Texas from May 5-10, 2012. Around 2000 people attend the conference every year. In addition to exhibiting curated and juried works, accepted explorations will have an extended abstract and video published through ACM, accessed by many more people long after the conference ends. CHI is a top-tier conference, so if you’re connected to academia this will be of value.

Help us bring cutting edge cultural thinking into the traditional research sphere, and let your ways of working and thinking about technology impact all human-computer-interaction research.

The call for submissions is here: If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please be aware that there will be limited funding available to support shipment of exhibits only, and all exhibitors will need to register for the conference.

The submissions deadline is 9 January 2012 (5:00pm PDT)


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