Call: i-Docs (interactive documentary) 2012

i-Docs 2012 : Call for Participation

Following the success of i-Docs 2011, we are delighted to invite your participation in i-Docs 2012, a two-day event dedicated to the rapidly evolving field of interactive documentary.

i-Docs is convened by Judith Aston and Sandra Gaudenzi on behalf of the Digital Cultures Research Centre, University of the West of England, Bristol ( The event will be held at the Watershed Media Centre in central Bristol on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23th of March 2012.

This year’s symposium will be organized around four topical questions that emerged from i-Docs 2011. Each question will be covered by a keynote speaker, a panel-based discussion and one (or more) workshops. We welcome proposals for papers, panels, presentations of work and other alternative forms of debate around the following questions:

1. User participation in i-docs: how can the act of participating change the meaning of an i-doc?

  • Where is the participation happening: within the i-doc or around it?
  • When and why do people want to participate? Is participation an inherently good thing?
  • What are the ethics of participation: where to stop and where to push?
  • How do strategies of participation affect the creation of meaning within an i-doc?

2. Layered experience, augmented reality games and pervasive media: are locative i-docs changing our notion of physical experience and space?

  • Is pervasive technology an effective way to layer the experience of reality?
  • How does our perception of space change in locative and augmented reality i-docs?
  • What are the consequences and ethics of tagging content to a place?
  • How do user experience and design issues effect the planning of a “real world” experience?

3. Activism and ethics: how can i-docs be used to develop new strategies for activism?

  • Is combining information with role-play opening activism to a younger audience?
  • Is implicating the user in moral dilemmas an ethical /effective strategy?
  • Where does an i-doc end and social media activism begin?
  • How does activism fit with emerging business models for i-docs?

4. Open source and the semantic web: how are tagging video, HTML5 and the semantic web opening up new routes for i-docs?

  • What new relationships are being created between documentary recordings and live data feeds?
  • Where does the role of the author lie in an open source i-doc? Are producers becoming curators?
  • What is the production cycle of an open source i-doc? Is it a finite or continuously evolving entity?
  • Are users browsers or co-creators of meaning? How can deep engagement be encouraged?

Proposals for both paper and project presentations should be sent to: by: 
Monday, 21st of November 2011.

The proposal should clearly outline your intentions in no more than 300 words. Links to further visual materials may be provided, where appropriate.  Proposals for alternate formats and/or workshops are also welcome.

Invited keynote speakers include: Katerina Cizek, (Highrise, Out My Window), Brett Gaylor (Popcorn.js, Rip: a Remix Manifesto), Jigar Metha (18 Days in Egypt).

The full two-day delegate fee including lunch and refreshments is £150. Some reductions are available for postgraduate researchers on a limited basis.

For further details, see our website:


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