Call: Virtual Futures conference materials (summaries, videos and podcasts) available online

For those who missed the VIRTUAL FUTURES conference presentation summaries, videos and podcasts are now available online here:

VIRTUAL FUTURES, a Cyber Conference on Art, Performance, Philosophy and Emerging Technology, returned to the University of Warwick on the 18-19 June 2011 after 15 years.

This year’s highlights included presentations on artificial intelligence, bioengineering, bioethics, cybernetics, net security, performance art, social media, the future of copyright and virtual reality.

Stelarc (Keynote), Dr. Dan O’Hara, Prof. Kevin Warwick, Prof. Ian Stewart, Prof. Steve Fuller, Prof. Andy Miah, Prof. Alan Chalmers, Pat Cadigan, Prof. Sue Golding, Prof. Sue Thomas, Dr. Rachel Armstrong, Mark Fisher, James Flint, Prof. Nick Fox, Dr. Richard Barbrook, Prof. Jeremy C Wyatt

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