Antwerp museum gives web users a real tour

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Thu 19 May 2011

Virtual reality – museum gives web users a real tour

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A new museum in Belgium is offering you the chance to take a real live tour of its exhibits – without ever leaving the comfort of your chair.

Visit the website of the MAS Museum in Antwerp and a tour guide carrying a camera will show you around the place in real-time as though you are really there with them.

If that already sounds cool, wait until you hear the best bit. You can control your tour guide’s movements using the directional arrows on your keyboard.

What you will see is not a recorded video but a real person who will receive your instructions on a PDA and take you round the museum’s artworks and masterpieces in the direction of your choice.

Guides can be booked during the museum’s real opening hours – 10am to 5pm from Tuesday until Friday and upto 6pm at weekends. These ‘virtual’ tours will be running until 5 June.

You can have a go here.

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