Call: Researching Learning in Immersive Virtual Environments 2011 (ReLIVE11)

Researching Learning in Immersive Virtual Environments 2011 (ReLIVE11)

Creative Solutions for New Futures

21st – 22nd September 2011

Innovation in teaching and learning through virtual worlds was a major theme of ReLIVE08, the first conference to bring together researchers and educators in this field. In the three years since this event, our understanding of what it means to work, play and learn in these spaces has increased significantly, generating a rapidly growing body of academic knowledge.

Whilst virtual worlds are providing us with platforms for innovation, and new opportunities to understand and address the needs of learners in the 21st century, we are under more pressure than ever not only to continue demonstrating innovation, but to do this at scale, for less money, whilst increasing efficiency and productivity. The challenge for us all is to contribute to a future where innovations meet these requirements whilst keeping learners, and learning, at the core of all that we do.

With a nod to recycling we have therefore decided that ReLIVE11 ( will revisit some of the themes of ReLIVE08, but from the fresh perspective of using all that we have learned in between to explore how virtual worlds can help us and our learners to find creative solutions for new futures.

As a delegate to ReLIVE11 you will meet with other leading edge researchers from around the world to exchange ideas and scholarship. With an opening keynote from Robin Wight, founder of The Ideas Foundation and a creative legend in advertising, we challenge the community to think creatively and look for opportunities to collaborate and innovate. The invited panel speakers from within and without academia bring a range of interesting perspectives and expertise to our discussions and we anticipate a showcase of papers and workshops that reflect the best of current academic research, making ReLIVE11 your one stop conference this year for disseminating, sharing and stimulating your practice in virtual worlds.

We are now seeking proposals for papers, workshops, symposia, posters and inworld events that demonstrate innovation within the following themes:


This theme will propose, draw on and/or extend conceptual and explanatory frameworks for research processes and outcomes for learning in computing, cognitive science, social sciences, education and/or further disciplines. This could include theoretical underpinning for research activities, theories relating to how students, teachers and support staff interact both with and within virtual worlds (VWs), and/or guidance on leveraging immersive environments for learning and teaching in any discipline. It is likely that submissions in this theme will extend our knowledge of theories relating to the research of learning and teaching in VW.


Submissions under this theme will consider the opportunities and challenges related to researching learning in immersive environments and may for example include papers and/or workshops referencing issues such as planning research, methodologies and research evaluation, data collection and management as well as ethical implications and responsibilities. We anticipate that this theme will contribute to our understanding of the practice of research in VW.

Implementations (In collaboration with JISC CETIS)

Submissions under this theme should focus on the technical aspects and challenges in the implementation of VWs in learning, teaching and research. This could include papers or workshops focusing on the challenges of platform integration (Second Life, Open Sim et al) and interoperability with and outwith institutional systems such as Virtual Learning Environments, content interoperability (including Open Educational Resources) across multiple worlds and multiple use cases, data interoperability and use, for example in assessment and learning analytics, the interoperability of virtual world assets such as avatar interoperability, the merits of open vs. proprietary VW platforms and VW content, and the use of technical standards within VWs to support teaching, learning and research .

ReLIVE Virtual Festival, 20th September 2011

We are also pleased to offer a ReLIVE Virtual Festival. This will take place within Second Life and/or other immersive environments, and we invite innovative proposals for activities (see ‘Call for Papers’ section on the ReLIVE11 website for more details), particularly from and for those who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference. Registration for this event will be free, but places are limited.

The Virtual World Conference, 14th September 2011

ReLIVE11 is linked to The Virtual World Conference, a 24 hour conference of invited speakers taking place within Second Life on the 14th of September. Please see for more details.

Please visit our website for further details

Best wishes

ReLIVE11 Conference Team

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