TV’s green screen revolution creates convincing illusions

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TV’s Green Screen Revolution Is Here

by Ryan McKee, posted Feb 19th 2011

As savvy television fans already know, many shows do not shoot on location. Seeing TV characters walk down Broadway in New York does not mean they were actually there. In fact, chances are they weren’t even in the Big Apple, or even within thousands of feet of it.

It’s getting even easier for television studios to create locations or backdrops thanks to green screen technology, and TV is taking as much (if not more) advantage of green screen as movies. And we’re not just talking about the science fiction shows. Some series that [are] set in the real world are actually shooting in some warehouse or vacant lot.

You’d think avid TV watchers could pick out the fake backdrops. However, this compilation from Stargate Studios proves that you’ll be wrong more than you’re right. With this company’s advanced Virtual Backlot technology, they can turn a green screen into the Space Needle or an empty night sky into New York’s bright skyline.

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