Call: Designs on eLearning Conference: Creative learning spaces of the future

The 7th International Designs on eLearning Conference
DeL 2011: Creative learning spaces of the future

Aalto University
September 13 -16 2011

Aalto University is a new multidisciplinary university, where science and art meet technology and business. The University is located in Espoo and Helsinki in Finland.

Call for papers

The notion of space regains fresh momentum every time we interact with the world around us. As mobile devices weave into the fabric of everyday life, we are no longer confined to a specific location, time and place in accessing and interacting with communications technologies. Interfaces become more adaptable and fluid according to the user’s needs; capable of switching seamlessly between augmented, real and virtual information and communication techniques and practices.

In educational contexts, however, we are still largely entangled in the three-dimensional space of Euclidian geometry which we commonly associate with the institutional space of action.

Thus the conference aims to delve into these temporal intertwined modes of action between individuals, networks and institutions so as to uncover unarticulated concepts and experiences that will help us to co-develop the creative learning spaces of the future.

The conference will therefore be cross-disciplinary, and will have four overarching topics, which are intended to help us frame elearning as part of an urgent need to locate the real, virtual and augmented learning spaces of the future.

These topics are:

1. Open experimental spaces;
2. Institutional spaces;
3. Social spaces for dialog and debate;
4. Networked spaces.

Abstracts should indicate which topic the paper will seek to address.

The website will be open for the submission of abstracts (up to 500 words) in mid March 2011.

Please register your interest by adding your contact details on the DeL website

Further information about the conference can be obtained by emailing Robin Shaw or Owen Kelly

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