No-glasses 3D tech makes you blink really fast

[From PCWorld’s Geek Tech blog; the 1:55 minute video is here]

No-Glasses 3D Tech Makes You Blink Really Fast

By James Mulroy, PCWorld    Jan 15, 2011

No-glasses 3D isn’t really new, but it has plenty of limitations, like the fact that you either have to be within a certain viewing angle to see it, or it may not be entirely safe for kids. If only there was a way to get glasses-free 3D without forcing you to wear glasses. Hmm…

Enter this video, created by Jonathan Post, which shows an, um, entirely new way to do 3D without glasses. I’m not entirely sure how it actually works–or if it’s even real–but this device causes your eyelids to blink very fast therefore doing the job of 3D shutter glasses.

After all, what’s worse, looking silly wearing 3D glasses or looking silly blinking your eyes really quickly?

Apparently this only works with 120Hz screens, according to the YouTube video description. I’d love to know more about this device and how it works–assuming that it actually exists–but I wonder what the side-effects would be. I’d imagine that after a 2-hour movie that your eyes would feel pretty fatigued.

Is it real? Is it a hoax? We don’t know either. Jonathan Post says that he hopes to present the device at CES 2012, so I guess we’ll find out then!

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