Kinect hack makes robot mimic its master

[From PC World]

Kinect Hack Makes Robot Mimic Its Master

By Elizabeth Fish, PCWorld  Jan 17, 2011

Here at GeekTech, there have been a lot of great hacks for Microsoft’s Kinect, but this robot one has to be the best.

This humanoid robot has been programmed to copy your every move via the Kinect. It does this by using the Kinect (connected to a PC) to map the human body; it then sends that data to Japanese robot Website V-Sido. Thanks to the Kinect and V-Sido, the robot-to-human coordination is pretty flawless.

So, another cool Kinect hack–it’s just a shame it lacks the details of how this hack came to be. But just imagine what you could do with this kind of programming–an army of robots to do the household chores maybe? Watch the [2:44 minute] video to see the robot dance.

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