Job: Postdoctoral position on IC-CRIME project at North Carolina State University

Post-Doctoral Position in Games@NCSU

The Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University is seeking applicants for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Computer Science, beginning as soon as January 15, 2010 for a one year term.

The applicant will join an interdisciplinary team of researchers from Computer Science, Textile Chemistry and Industrial Design working on the IC-CRIME project.  Using 3D laser scanning technology paired with browser-based 3D game engines, the IC-CRIME system brings law enforcement teams together into 3D virtual reconstructions of real-world crime scenes to collaborate to solve crimes.  The post-doctoral fellow will be supervised by Dr. R. Michael Young from the NC State Digital Games Research Initiative, but will work with collaborators from NC State University, Arizona State University and Indiana University to create the IC-CRIME environment, based in the Unity game engine, and link the game world to external databases and intelligent tools for game control.

In the collaborative project, the applicant will participate in an intensive effort for the development of new theories about intelligent virtual environments applied to crime scene investigation, as well as their implementation and evaluation.  Potential topics include the development of databases for matching partial or ambiguous data from crime scenes with product data provided by manufacturers (e.g., car upholstery, clothing fibers), the integration of artificial intelligence systems with game environments (e.g., for mixed initiative story authoring) and the role that virtual environments play in the effective virtual world collaboration around the investigation and prosecution of a crime.  The post-doctoral fellow will assist in the supervision of several graduate student researchers also working on the IC-CRIME project and support the coordination of research efforts across the PIs and the project’s collaborators.

Applicants must have finished a relevant PhD. with strong programming experience, especially in C/C++, C# and/or Lisp The successful applicant should have experience with game development environments and familiarity with database systems. Experience in the management of a team of developers is desired.  A basic understanding of chemical/spectroscopic databases is a plus.

Applications are being reviewed immediately.  Interested applicants should submit their materials online at

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