Skullcandy headphones offer online AR dressing room

[From The Ski Channel Television Network]

Thursday, Aug 26, 2010 @ 16:35:48 PM

Skullcandy debuts virtual reality dressing room

Sure pro skier Tom Wallisch looks stylish in the new Skullcandy Roc Nation headphones, but will you? That’s the age old question that once faced consumers but not anymore.

Skullcandy has launched a first in the headphone space and something never before seen in the action sports world, debuting a virtual dressing room for their Roc Nation Aviator headphone.

By downloading a simple plugin, and accessing the user’s webcam, the Skullcandy Virtual Room tracks the users eyes and displays live footage wearing a 3-D virtual model of the headphones back on the screen.

The Virtual Room 3-D viewer utilizes new eye tracking technology that has only been executed successfully a handful of instances and was developed in conjunction with digital agency Rain, a technology pioneer in the mobile app and web development space.

“We’re letting you see what our headphones look like from any angle, on your actual head, before you buy. This is some crazy stuff that’s never been done in our space…and could absolutely change the online retail shopping experience.” said Brett Barlow, Director of Interactive and Marketing Operations at Skullcandy.

To see a demo or try The Skullcandy Virtual Room for yourself, visit and see how good you look in your own pair.

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