Dabs’ augmented reality ad puts virtual laptop in users’ hands

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Dabs’ augmented reality ad puts virtual laptop in users’ hands

May 04, 2010

Dabs.com has launched its first augmented reality campaign, which allows users to see a virtual Acer 3D laptop ‘in their hands’ – without the need for 3D glasses.

The campaign was designed and delivered by online content solutions provider Flixmedia.tv, long-term partner of both Dabs and Acer.

Using augmented reality technology, Flixmedia.tv has produced a three-dimensional view of the Acer Aspire 5738D laptop. It creates the illusion of depth and allows users to see the product from more than one perspective.

Promotional banner ads encourage dabs.com visitors to click through to the dedicated landing page, follow the 3 simple steps and ‘live the 3D experience’. Users are then encouraged to press ‘3’ on their keyboards to find out more and purchase the laptop from Dabs.

Regular posts and discussion boards are planned for Dabs’ Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as a promotional ad in T3 magazine (June edition). Users simply hold this ad in front of their webcam to be a part of the action.

Michelle Helme, Online Marketing Manager for dabs.com, said:  “Augmented reality has the potential to be revolutionary and we were very excited to see how it could work for online retail. This project shows how it can bring ‘shopping for the senses’ to the online experience. You almost feel like you can touch the products, which leads you to gain a unique perspective on whatever it is you are browsing.

“This Acer 3D laptop is all about that extra dimension, and our experience will bring this to life. We could never promote the key feature of this laptop in 2D or without the need for 3D glasses, until now. This is an exciting development and we have already seen a very positive response,” said

Scott Lester, Chief Executive Officer for Flixmedia.tv, said: “We are able to track the journey each user takes to live the experience, allowing us to understand precisely where augmented reality can succeed commercially. For consumers, this is virtually like popping into a shop, picking up and studying the Acer Aspire 5738D. For Flixmedia.tv, this is an exciting way to bring online shopping ever closer to the bricks and mortar experience,” added.



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