Call: Expanded Play Sessions

Expanded Play Sessions

Zaragoza, Spain. 13-15 April 2010

Expanded Play is a practice based lab for creative entrepreneurs, artists, designers, engineers and academics focusing on Play as Experience at the intersection of creativity, technology, research, social change and development. Based in London, UK, and Zaragoza, Spain, Expanded Play is actively supported by the Milla Digital project, an initiative of the Zaragoza City Council.

As digital technologies permeate our society, culture, politics, togetherness, and everyday lives, while interactive games establish themselves not only as one of the biggest industries today, but also as a social and cultural phenomenon to impact our everyday, we are all complicit, in varying degrees, in what Edward Castranova has described as an exodus to the virtual world. While this exodus has been taking place, 21st Century discourses have been rejecting utopic (or, for some, dystopic) cybernetic notions of downloadable selves and obsolete bodies, looking to bring back into the picture physical bodies and instances of materiality.

Expanded Play Sessions is the first of a series of events and a festival taking place in Zaragoza (Spain) as part of the international project Milla Digital and the Centre for Art & Technology Zaragoza. The event brings together creative professionals, artists, industry leaders and academics to discuss innovation, trends and challenges in the gaming and digital media industry and the arts. Expanded Play Sessions stand out as a curated gathering to further creativity through technology and art practice as Play.


Tuesday 13th

19h. Welcome and Introduction
19.10h. New Interactive Platforms and Business Models in Entertainment
Speaker: Alon Shtruzman, Playcast
20h. Reception

Wednesday 14th

19.00h. Part I : The Future of New Media and the Arts
19.30h. Part II: The (near) Future of Computer Games
Speaker: Prof. Frederic F. Leymarie, Goldsmiths

Thursday 15th

19.00h. Memory and Experience through Networks
Speaker: Miguel Andres-Clavera, Jwt London/NeMeLoS
19.30h. Visualizing Communication
Speaker: Nina Sobell, Artist

Pablo Gargallo Museum
Plaza de San Felipe 3

Phone UK: +44 7752 659 745
Phone ES: +34 976 72 37 38

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