Call: Special issue on Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Reality and Distributed Virtual Environments

International Journal of Intelligent Decision Technologies

Call For papers

Special Issue on: “Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Reality and Distributed Virtual Environments”

Guest Editors:
Dr. Minhua Ma, University of Derby, UK
Prof. Nikolaos Antonopoulos, University of Derby, UK
Prof. Fionn Murtagh,  Science Foundation Ireland, Ireland; Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

Aims and Scope 

The field of Virtual Reality (VR) is growing rapidly due to recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer graphics, and a network-centric environment that can deliver the technology. VR environments allow the development of promising tools in many application domains. VR applications usually integrate multiple local or distributed components, e.g. input device drivers, real-time simulation, and user interaction, into a framework. Aggregating components requires extra efforts on the software side as well as hardware. For instance, new complex input devices increase the number of components to manage and the need for parallel processing.

This special issue on “Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Reality and Distributed Virtual Environments” aims at presenting the key challenges and techniques of using AI in virtual reality applications, such as simulations, serious games, and immersive systems distributed on clusters or grid environments, and providing a critical analysis of existing approaches to design and implementation of virtual environments.

The published papers are expected to present high quality material that illustrates the broad range of exciting work being carried out across the work in VR and distributed systems. This special issue will serve as a landmark source in these areas, and as a reference to educators, developers, researchers and graduate students interested in updating their knowledge about AI applications in Virtual Reality and distributed virtual environments.

Subject Coverage

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Virtual Reality

  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
  • Physically-based simulation
  • 3D Visualisation, computer animation
  • Autonomous embodied agents, Virtual humans
  • Motion tracking
  • Haptics
  • 3D sound
  • VR applications in healthcare, manufacturing, training, military, education, and serious games

Distributed Systems

  • Distributed Virtual Environments
  • Massively Multiuser Virtual Environments
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games
  • Grid Computing
  • Peer-to-Peer networks
  • Intelligent Agents, Software agent architectures

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI applications in VR, games, and HCI
  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence
  • AI behaviors
  • Scripted or autonomous decision making

Instructions for Prospective Authors

All papers must be original, of high quality and of approximately 8–12 pages in length at the publication stage. Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

All papers are refereed through a double-blind peer review process. A guide for authors, sample copies and other relevant information for submitting papers are available on the Author Guidelines webpage (

Papers which have appeared previously in proceedings of conferences can be submitted to this special issue if they are substantially revised or improved from their earlier versions with at least 30% new materials or results to comply with the copyright regulations.

Full papers and other inquiries must be sent directly to the editor Dr. Minhua Eunice Ma <> in the form of a pdf file attached to an email.

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Important Dates

Manuscript due:  20 May 2010

Notification of review results:  18 August 2010

Revised paper due: 8 October 2010

Final notification:  28 November 2010

Manuscript delivery to the publisher:  31 December 2010

Target Publication date: February 2011

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