Call: Virtual Heritage 2010

Call for Participation, and Call for Demos

Virtual Heritage 2010
22-23 March
Visualization Suite. Technium CAST, Bangor, UK

Virtual Heritage 2010 is jointly organised by “Science & Heritage Cluster” and VRLink, at Bangor University. The workshop will bring together Industry, Charities and Institutions to discuss Virtual Reality techniques and ideas for Science and Heritage applications. The aim of this workshop is to bring together a rich mixture of skills and interests: scientists with technical solutions and end-users with challenges. The workshop will include talks, presentations, hands-on demonstrations and panel-discussions, and time to meet and chat with fellow attendees.

All heritage interpretation is complex. It is often based on uncertain information, or information extrapolated from other sites. Sites may cover many periods or have had varying functions. Consequently there may be different possible interpretations; differing opinions; different stories to tell (multivocality); different technologies to survey the site; different algorithms to analyse the data; several ways to visualize the data; and many ways to depict, display and present the information. There are many display technologies to display and interact with heritage information, from mobile devices, larger desktop screens, massive Powerwall displays, tangible models to virtual walkthroughs in a virtual-world.

The workshop is free, but registration is required.

A small number of bursaries are available to UK researchers to attend this event. The bursaries will cover all reasonable transport and accommodation costs, are available on application, and will be allocated on a first-come basis to those with appropriate background and situation. See for information and application form.

Groups or individuals wishing to demonstrate or exhibit are welcome; please contact Jonathan Roberts in advance (by 10th March).


Technium CAST, Ffordd Penlan, Parc Menai Business
Park, Bangor,Gwynedd. LL57 4HJ

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