Job: Assistant Professor in Game Technology and Intelligent Interaction at IT U. of Copenhagen

The IT University of Copenhagen invites applicants for an assistant professorship in game technology and intelligent interaction starting in 2010. The successful candidate must be enthusiastic about: conducting research at the highest international level developing and conducting excellent graduate and under-graduate teaching actively taking part in developing the IT University and its relations with external partners


The research interests of the applicant should preferebly be within areas related to game technology. This includes game graphics, computational intelligence and games, game artificial intelligence, player modelling (user, cognitive, and affective modelling), data mining and games, adaptive learning and human computer interaction, multimodal game interfaces, and interactive narrative.


The successful applicant must be able to teach within game technology, that is, at least one of the following areas in order of pre-ference: physics and graphics programming, game engine programming, multimodal intelligent interaction, user and affective modelling, data mining. 

General information:

The IT University is a multi-disciplinary, research-based institution with 55 faculty drawn from computer science to the humanities. We provide graduate education to 1700 students in a range of areas. The Center for Computer Games Research is a multi-disciplinary research group with backgrounds from the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Computer Sciences. We do basic and applied research, approaching games from a variety of perspectives.

Further particulars are available from the Head of Center for Computer Games Research, Gordon Calleja,, +45 7218 5032.

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