Orange’s infinite Loop iPhone augmented reality app

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Orange aces augmented reality with Infinite Loop iPhone app

Dec. 24, 2009
By: John Brownlee

Although augmented reality has yet to transform me into the Snow Crash like techno-gargoyle I breathlessly anticipated I would be back in the cyberpunk throes of my teenage years, there’s just no denying the cool factor, and while the iPhone is a far cry from the virtual reality contacts the likes of William A. Gibson promised, there’s just no doubt that it is the premiere showcase of the form.

Case in point: Orange’s amazing iPhone in iPhone app, which is being used to promote the launch of the iPhone in Israel. Point your iPhone’s camera at the Orange logo and a virtual iPod will magically pop out of it. That’s a neat trick, but the iPhone in iPhone app takes things even further: you can fully control the virtual iPhone, including the ability to launch apps.

How absolutely keen. The only question is: can you launch iPhone in iPhone on the virtual iPhone? Doubtful: the end result is probably a smoking palm gorily perforated by aluminum and glass shrapnel. But one can only hope: infinite recursion for the win!

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