Mosaic high-res display modules for 2D/3D AV applications

[A press release from the web site of Mechdyne ; a 38 second video of “The Largest Modern Warfare 2 Display in the World!” which uses this technology is available here]

Mechdyne Introduces Mosaic™ High-Resolution Display Modules for High Resolution 2D and 3D AV Applications

World First Small Footprint, 70-Inch Display Modules Allow Building Display Walls or Immersive Environments to Any Resolution Using Minimal Space

Marshalltown, Iowa and Houston, Texas – October 26, 2009 –  At the SEG 2009 Conference in Houston today, Mechdyne introduced Mosaic™ display modules, a scalable technology suitable for single and multi-screen AV applications and for building of large-scale stereoscopic 3D video walls and surround screen immersive environments. Large-scale systems based on the Mosaic display will occupy significantly less space than previously available rear projection-based systems while supporting extreme resolutions.

Mosaic display modules incorporate patent-pending technology to produce richly detailed stereoscopic 3D as well as true HD 2D imagery. This is a world first for this format of rear projection display. 

The Mosaic display is an individual rear projected module that can be used as a visualization system building block.  Each 70” (178 cm) module offers 1920 x 1080p resolution but occupies only 25” of depth. Multiple units can be stacked and tiled into any configuration and overall resolution with minimal impact on image quality and room space.  The no-frame design creates incredibly small seams between joined modules that will be almost unnoticeable when one image is displayed across multiple screens.  Additionally, separate images within each module will display in high resolution with sharp, defined edges.

Mosaic display modules are ideal for research programs, medical imaging, command control, collaboration room, presentation and entertainment environments. Mosaic can not only display detailed 2D data like video, spreadsheets and presentations, but also stereoscopic 3D models and virtual environments with incredible depth effects. A Mosaic wall can be used for meetings or for 3D applications ranging from design reviews to research to exploration to awe-inspiring presentations and more.

Mechdyne can design Mosaic-based systems for any visualization system objective, including tiled video walls – 1×2, 2, 2×2, 2×3, etc. – in flat, angled, or curved screen configurations. With its small depth footprint, Mosaic modules also can be used to build a surround screen immersive room, similar to the world-renowned CAVE virtual reality rooms offered by Mechdyne. Due to the small depth footprint of the Mosaic modules, immersive room configurations need less than half the space of a system based on large screen projection technology.

Mosaic display modules are available now.  Mechdyne offers individual modules and complete AV system design and installation, including displays, software, content creation, graphics computing systems, integration and ongoing technical support.

About Mechdyne Corporation

Mechdyne Corporation is the world’s largest company dedicated to consulting and development of turnkey advanced AV, immersive 3D, networked and collaborative visualization solutions.  Winner of a 2008 AV Award from ArchiTech Magazine and Infocomm, the company addresses complex projects where  in-depth understanding of user requirements leads to the development of products and customized solutions involving elements of display, graphics computing, software and professional services.  Headquartered in Marshalltown, Iowa, Mechdyne’s customers include leading government laboratories, military research programs, energy companies and a variety of ‘edutainment,’ manufacturing, and other users of visualization technology. More information is available at

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