Call: Video Games as Research Instruments

CHI 2010 Workshop
To be held at CHI 2010: 10th – 15th April, 2009

Atlanta, GA, USA

Call for Participation

Video games have a history of being used to study phenomena in HCI and other disciplines. They offer an excellent way to motivate participants in HCI studies, and by using online casual games researchers can potentially access hundreds of participants. The use of video games as research tools is becoming more widespread in areas such as addiction, user experience, immersion, strategy, decision making, etc. In this workshop we are interested in identifying the range and characteristics of the current use of video games as research instruments. Unlike the development of games for entertainment or serious games, the workshop will focus on the use of games to study more general phenomena (although this may itself have applications to video games).

The workshop will bring together a diverse selection of research that uses video games in order to develop a better understanding of the specific issues, challenges and opportunities that they provide, and to demonstrate how games can be used as an effective part of research. The workshop should motivate researchers to use video games, but also to learn from the experiences of other research areas.

We invite researchers in all disciplines that use video games as research instruments to submit a four-page position paper in which you describe: the general problem your research addresses, how and why video games are used, an overview of results and a discussion of experiences and issues specific to using video games. Further information can be found in the workshop website:

Feel free to address any questions or informal enquiries about submissions to Eduardo H. Calvillo-Gámez (

The deadline to submit papers is January, 6th 2010.

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