Call: (In)Tangible Heritage(s): A conference on design, culture and technology – past, present, and future

Call for Abstracts

A conference on design, culture and technology – past, present, and future
Canterbury, UK / Virtual
Organisers: University of Kent
Dates: 15-17 June 2022

Deadline for abstract submissions (early): 01 July 2021


The buildings, towns and cities we inhabit are physical entities created in the past, experienced in the present, and projected to inform the future. The same can be said of the artefacts we use daily: designed furniture in the home, the mobile devices in our hands, the vehicles we see on our streets. However, each of these places, buildings and products had, at their inception, social and cultural roles beyond their ‘object’ status. They continue to have them today. What we understand a designed object to be then, is a complex question of material and social import, and an intricate play of the tangible and intangible identities. Increasingly, it is also a question of hybrid experiences and overlaid histories. This conference address the range of issues connected to this scenario.


The complexity described above is even more pronounced in the case of digital artefacts and experiences such as computational design, VR simulations of ancient buildings, mobile apps, digital photography or virtual exhibitions. Intangible at the very moment of their inception, such designed artifacts not only blur the difference between the object and the experience, but, increasingly, the past and the present. Computer generated imagery creates ‘life like’ reconstructions of historic sites. Laser scanning gives archeologists glimpses of pasts erased long ago. Computational design gives designers instant recordings of their work in progress. Coupled with digital cataloguing, it gives us the instant asynchronous design archive.

Considered in this context it is not surprising that recently questions about the nature of heritage and design have opened up to redefinitions of the tangible and the intangible. What cultural impact do digital technologies today have on how we live in the ‘real world’? How should digital reconstructions of monuments and buildings be interlaced in material existence? How are hybrid online and physical events and artefacts to be archived in the future? How do the designers of cities and buildings engage with ‘being in the world’ through the medium of a screen? Indeed, what is the future of our physical artefacts, our constructed buildings, our cultural traditions and our interpersonal engagement? What, in short, remains of the ‘aura’ of the material object, as it relates to social readings and virtual experience.

Picking up strands of art, architecture, design and socio-cultural debates found throughout the twentieth century (and before) this conference welcomes reconsiderations of ‘heritage’ as both a tangible and an intangible concept. It seeks perspectives from design, architecture, cultural theory, social history, technology and the arts. It seeks to overlay our notions of the digital, on ideas of heritage and concepts of physicality and the present.



Digital Heritage | Architecture | Conservation | Digital Design | Preservation | Social History | Urban imaginaries | Art Practice | Art History | Technology | Society and Culture


Architecture, History, Heritage, Urban Design, Art, Design, Technology, Sociology, Cultural studies, Archaeology


In-person: In addition to seeking filmic and the virtual presentations, delegates are also welcome to attend the event in person and present directly.

Zoom: Also reflecting the virtual and mediated theme of the event, delegates are encouraged to present via Zoom.

Pre-recorded: Pre-recorded presentations or films will be available permanently on the AMPS Academic YouTube channel.

Written papers: In all cases, delegates can present full written papers for inclusion in all associated conference publications.

All papers are reviewed for publication in the AMPS conference proceedings series, ISSN 2398-9467. Subject to review, selected authors will be invited to develop longer papers for books and a special issue of the academic journal Architecture_MPS journal ISSN 2050-9006. The primary publisher involved is Intellect Books. Others include:



01 July 2021: Abstract Submissions (Early)
20 July: Feedback
30 Nov 2021: Abstracts (Round One)
15 December: Feedback
01 January 2022: Registration opens
30 March 2022: Abstracts (Round Two)
20 April: Abstract Feedback
15 May 2022: Registration Closes
Conference: 15-17th June, 2022

30 July 2022: Full Paper Submissions (where applicable)
30 September 2022: Feedback for publication
20 November 2022: Full Paper re-submission
February 2023: Publication



Download: Abstract Submission Form

Example of correctly formatted/named Abstract Submission Form:
Raymond_Pauls_The City, The Car and Filmic Perception_Canterbury 2022

The document must be in Microsoft Word. | Subject line for emails: Abstract Submission Canterbury 2022 | File name for attachment: Name_Surname_Summary Title_Canterbury 2022 | Example file name: Raymond_Pauls_The City, The Car and Filmic Perception_Canterbury_2022

Contact and submissions:

Delegate fee: £320 ($390 USD) | Audience Fee: £160 ($195 USD)

Registration can processed be processed in $USD or £GBP

The conference is hosted by Kent School of Architecture and Planning; the Centre for Heritage at Kent; Media Studies at the University if Kent; the Digital Architecture Research Centre; the Architectural Visualisation programme in Canterbury. It is coordinated by AMPS and Parade.

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