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Call: GAMEON ASIA’2015, 5th annual Asian Simulation and AI in Games Conference


5th Asian GAME-ON Conference 2015
Ghent University Global Campus
Incheon, South-Korea
March 25-27, 2015

Full details:

Games Development Methodology
Game Theory/Multi-Agent Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Learning and Adaptation
Intelligent/Knowledgeable Agents
Collaboration & Multi-agent Systems
Opponent Modelling
Physics and Simulation/Graphical Simulation
3D Scalability
Facial, Avatar, NPC, 3D in Game Animation
AI and Simulation Tools for games design
Game Design
Rendering Techniques
Voice Interaction
Artistic input to game and character design
Storytelling and Natural Language Processing
Online Gaming – Security Issues in Online Gaming
Serious gaming
Wargaming Aerospace Simulations, Board Games etc….
Games for training
Games Applications in education, Government, health, Corporate…
Games Consoles
Games Console Design
Mobile Gaming
Perceptual User Interfaces for Games
Poster Session
Student Session

Organised by
The European Technology Institute

and Sponsored by

For latest information see:
or more. “Call: GAMEON ASIA’2015, 5th annual Asian Simulation and AI in Games Conference”

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Telepresence robot generates interesting reactions and adaptations

[From Business Insider Australia, where the story includes an additional picture]

Cruising on Sydney's George Street with the TP robot

Freelancer Has A Robot In Its Office That Has Staff Working In Ways They Never Imagined

Pete Cooper,
 November 13, 2014

So our first telepresence robot arrived in the office late last week. It started out interesting then became an experience none of us will forget.

Our robot looks like a weird iPad mounted on a segway, sort of like a stick with wheels that should look precarious but through the magic of software actually drives with a remarkable smooth and almost statuesque elegance.

Until it hits a bump, or a desk. Or the street gutter. (Yes, that happened.)

It is probably not surprising some of the geeks took it out cruising for girls on Sydney’s busy main drag, George Street, after the Friday night office drinks.… read more. “Telepresence robot generates interesting reactions and adaptations”

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Call: 12th International Conference on Mobile Web and Intelligent Information Systems (MobiWis 2015)

Call for Papers

The 12th International Conference on Mobile Web and Intelligent Information Systems (MobiWis 2015)
24-26 August 2015
Rome, Italy

The areas of the Web, mobile technologies, and information systems have been following a continuous and steady development over a number of years through the innovative research and practices of researchers, developers and practitioners from academia, industry, governmental and scientific organizations. The International Conference on Mobile Web and Intelligent Information Systems (MobiWis) aims to enable synergy between these areas and provides the premier venue to present and discuss latest research and developments related to research issues of the mobile web and the engineering of intelligent and innovative mobile systems and services. The conference comprises a set of carefully selected tracks that focus on the particular challenges regarding mobile Web and intelligent information systems in research areas such as, among others, Web Engineering, Service-Oriented Computing, Web of Things, Data and Knowledge Management, Cloud Computing, Security and Human-Computer Interaction.… read more. “Call: 12th International Conference on Mobile Web and Intelligent Information Systems (MobiWis 2015)”

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Is the future of VR on the mobile phone?

[From MIT’s Technology Review]

Samsung Gear VR

Virtual Reality Aims for the Mobile Phone

A smartphone-based virtual reality headset from Samsung and Oculus VR could make the technology more accessible, but it also demonstrates a new set of challenges.

By Simon Parkin on November 12, 2014

Max Cohen, head of mobile at Oculus VR, the virtual reality startup bought by Facebook this year for $2 billion, is unequivocal: the dominant way most consumers will experience virtual reality will be on mobile devices.

“PCs and dedicated machines will always have more power, but at some point, graphics become ‘good enough’ on a mobile device and none of that matters anymore,” Cohen says. “Will it be in two years’ time? Five years? Ten? I don’t know. But it will happen. You can’t surpass the beauty of being untethered.”… read more. “Is the future of VR on the mobile phone?”

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Job: Assistant Professor in Interactive Media at University of Georgia

Assistant Professor – Interactive Media
University of Georgia

Initial deadline: November 15, 2014

The Telecommunications Department and the New Media Institute (in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication) and the College of Engineering, University of Georgia seek to jointly hire an Assistant Professor with an expertise in interactive media for an interdisciplinary position in media technology development. This is a tenure track appointment with shared teaching responsibilities in both Colleges. The ideal candidate will have competencies in hardware/software as they relate to interactive media and a research/creative interest in the application of these technologies. A record (or potential for) of seeking externally funded grants are of special interest to the committee.

The successful candidate will build and sustain partnerships with the media development community as well as leading development and design for real-world media projects.

Experience with and the ability to teach courses within several of the following areas is desirable:

  • Video games
  • Virtual environments
  • Mobile technologies
  • Internet of things
  • Social media applications
  • New media storytelling, writing
read more. “Job: Assistant Professor in Interactive Media at University of Georgia”
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Tele-operated robots and the fight against Ebola

[From BBC News, where the story includes more images and two videos (see note at end for a link to a longer video program]

Aero robot team (NASA)

[Image: The Aero robot was originally designed to take part in a competition held by NASA]

Ebola-tackling robots to be discussed by the White House

By Jen Copestake BBC Click TV, Boston
6 November 2014

Robots have been working in disaster zones since 9/11. They can reach remote and dangerous locations and operate in places people can’t go, including the rubble of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

So it seems a natural step to think about if and where robots could help in a medical crisis like the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

It’s a topic that will be discussed at a conference later this Friday involving three leading US robotics universities and the White House.… read more. “Tele-operated robots and the fight against Ebola”

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Job: RA in Intelligent Robotics at University of Huddersfield

Research Assistant in Intelligent Robotics
University of Huddersfield
School of Computing & Engineering
Full Time, Fixed term appointment for 18 months (January 2015 to June 2016)
£25,747 – £31,632
Ref: R1331

Our PARK (Planning, Autonomy, Representation of Knowledge) research group ( is expanding its research into the application of AI software to the control of physical robots and we are seeking a Research Assistant to help support this research program.

You will be expected to assist in the commissioning, programming and software maintenance of a range of robots, supporting research projects in intelligent autonomous behaviour within PARK and its parent, the Centre for High Performance Intelligent Computing. An understanding of methods and techniques in AI, knowledge of robot operating systems and experience in programming robots is desirable.… read more. “Job: RA in Intelligent Robotics at University of Huddersfield”

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Experts predict VR’s future beyond gaming: Many killer apps

[From Engadget, where the post includes a 34:04 minute video]

Engadged Expand 'Future of VR' panel

Virtual reality has a future beyond video games, and it’s already started

by Sean Buckley | November 8th 2014

With devices like the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus driving the public’s interest in virtual reality, it’s easy assume the future of VR lies in video games. It’s a safe prediction, but it isn’t right: “It’s a broad category,” Matterport’s Matt Bell said at Engadget Expand. “I think it’s going to go in about ten directions at once.” Bell compares the future of VR to the history of the internet — in the early days, we had no idea how pervasive the technology would become. Now it’s wormed its way into every aspect of our lives. Bell isn’t alone in his optimism: LindenLab’s Ebbe Altberg and BeAnotherLab’s Marte Roel joined us in New York City to talk about the future of VR beyond gaming.… read more. “Experts predict VR’s future beyond gaming: Many killer apps”

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Call: ‘When Virtual Reality Became a Reality’ – 5th Global Meeting

Call for Presentations

When Virtual Reality Became a Reality
The Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds Project: 5th Global Meeting

Sunday 10th May – Tuesday 12th May 2015
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Submission deadline: January 23, 2015

For the better part of a century, science-fiction writers, technologists and philosophers have contemplated the arrival of a digital realm so immersive that it is neurologically indistinguishable from the outside world. Now it’s here” (Rubin, 2014).

There can be little doubt that we are at the dawn of an exciting new era for experiential learning in virtual worlds. Virtual reality devices such as Oculus Rift have the potential to bring about a major paradigm shift in the way we interact with and immerse ourselves in virtual worlds. Some people would even go so far as to argue that the new wave of virtual reality devices will change the way we work, play and even relate to each other.… read more. “Call: ‘When Virtual Reality Became a Reality’ – 5th Global Meeting”

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This robot makes you feel like a ‘ghost’ is in the room

[Something a little different, but still technology misperceived: From the Los Angeles Times, where the story includes a 2:16 minute video report; for more information, see the press release via Eurekalert]

Robot creates Feeling Of A Presence

Mind-blowing robot conjures ghosts in the lab

By Geoffrey Mohan
November 6, 2014

It’s never too late for a little Halloween creepiness. At least not for a group of Swiss researchers, who managed to make unwary subjects feel like they had been tapped by a ghost.

In fact, a couple of the bindfolded volunteers thought the experience was so creepy they almost quit, according to neuroscientist Giulio Rognini, of the Federal Polytechnic School in Lausanne, Switzerland, lead investigator of a study published online Thursday in the journal Current Biology.

The experiment is akin to an old magic trick: the rubber hand illusion. By stroking someone’s hand placed on one side of a partition while that person views a fake one being stroked on the other side, the brain can be duped into “adopting” the fake hand.… read more. “This robot makes you feel like a ‘ghost’ is in the room”

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