Street Eraser art in London blurs mediated and nonmediated worlds

[When effective, this should evoke inverse presence; the post is from designboom, where you’ll find many more photos of the art]

Street Eraser art in London

Giant Photoshop eraser sticks to London streets

Guus & Tayfun
March 21, 2014

Two creatives behind the ‘street eraser‘ blog are merging the digital world with the analog, sticking their adobe-inspired art throughout London’s urban fabric. The giant playful labels illustrate the familiar grey and white checkerboard pattern, visible when using the eraser tool in Photoshop. Eliminating graffitti from traffic signs, color from mailboxes and portions of billboards, the intervention seemingly reveals a concealed world beneath our own. The team says of the digital tool interrupting everyday surroundings, “we rather like the idea that it’s hiding under the surface of everything around us.”

designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. See more project submissions from our readers here.


One response to “Street Eraser art in London blurs mediated and nonmediated worlds”

  1. I really like this idea to show the artificial things in the real world. We used to talk about how to make the artificial thing looks like real, how to make the presence vivid, but how interested it is when we saw the artificial things in our real life! Maybe this exercise can be a new topic about how the artificial things presence in the real life. I remember we saw some photos in class that an artist paining on people to make the real people looks like painting. All these forms can show the confusion between the real life and the fictional life. I am interested to learn how this kind of presence works.

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