Eye contact via Head-mounted Mobile Video Communication System

[From DigInfo TV; a 1:35 minute video is available here]

Head-mounted Mobile Video Communication System

28 July 2010

At Wireless Japan 2010, the Nakajima Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications exhibited a mobile videophone that enables truly effective communication, using a head-mounted display and various sensors.

“We think that a weakness of ordinary videophones is, they don’t let people make eye contact. That’s a big defect in terms of effective communication. We’ve created something that overcomes that defect.”

This system has acceleration and position sensors built into a head-mounted display. A microcomputer detects the vertical and horizontal motion of the user’s head, and controls the camera using a servomotor.

“The video captured by this camera is shown on a see-through head-mounted display. So when you put on the display and move your head around, you can see video linked to the movement of your head.”

This system makes it possible to communicate effectively, as if the other person is there right before your eyes. You can also look around at the surrounding scenery, and make eye contact.

The main application for this system is expected to be videoconferencing.

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