Call: VRIC 2017 – 19th ACM Virtual Reality International Conference


VRIC 2017
Laval (France), March 22 – 24, 2017

Sponsored by ACM
Logistics partner: Laval Virtual


Partnership with international journals for special issues: IJVR & JVRB

The annual VRIC – Laval Virtual conference is a global forum for researchers and engineers from industry, academia and research institutes to discuss and exchange ideas, methods and results on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things uses and technologies. The scope of the conference covers a variety of topics ranging from theoretical developments to industrial applications and case studies.


Submission Deadline: January 6, 2017
Acceptance of papers: February 6, 2017
Final Paper Submission and Registration: March 6, 2017

All accepted papers will be published on ACM Digital Library (

ACM VRIC 2017 seeks original, high‐quality short papers (4 pages) or poster papers (2 pages) in all areas related to virtual reality (VR), including augmented reality (AR), and 3D user interfaces. We accept research papers, nevertheless we prefer applications or systems papers* because we focus on new uses of AR/VR/3D.

Continuing our cooperation with the IJVR (International Journal of Virtual Reality) and JVRB (Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting) journal, paper submissions with substantial contribution will automatically be considered for potential extended publication in special issues of these journals.


ACM VRIC 2017 seeks contributions covering all applications domains (e.g. health, training, simulation, industry, art, leisure, entertainment, avatars…) and technological and scientific topics as: Tracking and sensing – Input devices for VR/AR/MR – Advanced display technology – Immersive projection technology – Haptics, audio, and other non‐visual interfaces – Modeling and simulation – Computer graphics techniques for VR/AR/MR – Virtual humans and avatars – Multi‐user and distributed VR/AR/MR – VR systems and toolkits – 3D interaction for VR/AR/MR – 3D selection and 3D manipulation – Locomotion and navigation in virtual environments – User studies and evaluation – Perception, presence, virtual embodiment, and cognition – Teleoperation and telepresence – Applications of VR/AR/MR…

ACM VRIC uses a double‐blind review process, meaning both the authors and the reviewers remain anonymous to each other. Complete papers must be submitted electronically through the online submission system: Easychair. All papers should be formatted using the ACM Template format described at ACM.

* What is the difference between research papers, applications papers and systems papers?

  • Research papers should describe results that contribute to advances in state‐of‐the‐art software, hardware, algorithms, interaction, or human factors.
  • Application papers should explain how the authors built upon existing ideas and applied them to solve an interesting problem in a novel way. Each paper should include an evaluation of the success of the use of VR/AR/MR in the given application domain.
  • System papers should indicate how the implementers integrated known techniques and technologies to produce an effective system, along with any lessons learned in the process. Each paper should include an evaluation of its contributions, including benchmarking that was performed (e.g., latency or frame‐rate).


Demonstration session “ReVolution” is also open submission as well as “Virtual Fantasy” student contest and “Laval Virtual Awards”.

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