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Disney debuts do-it-yourself thrill ride

[From CNN]

Disney debuts do-it-yourself thrill ride

Wed October 14, 2009
By John D. Sutter

(CNN) — Any kid can dream up a roller coaster. But those who visit a new exhibit at Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park can actually take a ride on their fantasy creations.

Epcot on Wednesday opened a new attraction called “Sum of All Thrills,” which lets kids use computer tablets to design a virtual roller coaster, bobsled track or plane ride. After inputting their designs, kids climb into a robotic carriage that uses virtual-reality technology to help them experience the ride they’ve created.

“This is really the next generation — where there’s a lot more personalization involved” in the amusement-park experience, said Eric Goodman, Disney’s lead project manager on the ride.

This make-your-own-ride approach appears to be a growing trend in the world of amusement parks and museums.… read more. “Disney debuts do-it-yourself thrill ride”

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