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Jobs: 5 Postdoctoral fellowships at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in Finland

Postdoctoral fellowships (5 positions)

Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Finland

Tampere University of Technology (TUT) is an active scientific community of 1,900 employees and more than 8,300 students. The University operates in the form of a foundation and has a long-standing tradition of collaboration with other research institutions and business life. TUT’s research activities focus on four profile areas: Digital operating environment, Energy- and eco-efficiency, Health technology and Light-based technologies. Many of the fields of research and study represented at the University play a key role in addressing global challenges. Internationality is an inherent part of all the University’s activities. Welcome to join us at TUT!


TUT is seeking to fill 5 postdoctoral fellowship positions with promising researchers who are in the beginning of their career. The aim is to support highly qualified postdoctoral researchers who are outstanding in their field and to strengthen the scientific profile of TUT.… read more. “Jobs: 5 Postdoctoral fellowships at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in Finland”

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Microsoft Research shows off Mobile Holoportation

[Microsoft has created a fully mobile version of its holoportation technology, vastly reducing the bandwidth necessary to create the social and spatial presence illusion. The original version of this story from NextReality includes videos about Mobile Holoportation and the original incarnation of the technology as well as a 26:50 minute video of a presentation about the project from October’s User Interface and Software Technology (JIST) Symposium; more information and images are also available from Microsoft Research. –Matthew]


Microsoft Research Shows Off Mobile Holoportation

Jason Odom
November 28, 2016

In recent years, wave after wave of technological advancement has led us down roads that are beginning to look more and more like science fiction stories. In their efforts to bring us from science fiction to science fact, Microsoft Research showed us a new communication medium called Holoportation earlier this year—and now they have found a way to make this highly complex holographic system far more mobile.… read more. “Microsoft Research shows off Mobile Holoportation”

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Call: Designing for Systems of Smart Things – International Journal of Design Special Issue


International Journal of Design
Special Issue on Designing for Systems of Smart Things

Full Paper Due: 15 April 2017

Systems of smart things, or IoT systems, have entered our everyday life and are shaping and enriching it in many ways. Yet design and design research have lagged behind in exploring the fascinating qualities of these systems of connected things, with their inherent complexities and emerging properties. Our next special issue of the International Journal of Design, therefore, aims at establishing a platform for design research on systems of smart things. We hope this platform will become a means for shedding light on the social, theoretical, technological, and philosophical challenges of designing these systems.

The current notion of the Internet of Things has its origin, beginning decades ago, in the development of ubiquitous computing, and later when ambient intelligence emerged.… read more. “Call: Designing for Systems of Smart Things – International Journal of Design Special Issue”

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Using body cameras and VR to help jurors experience crime scenes

[Aside from the important role of (spatial) presence in this story from USA Today (which includes a 3:04 minute video news report), note the solicitor general’s comment that jury members develop their knowledge and expectations about real-life law and order from their mediated entertainment experiences. –Matthew]

Virtual reality could take jurors inside crimes

Rebecca Lindstrom, WXIA-TV, Atlanta
December 29, 2016

ATLANTA — A Georgia company wants to use body cameras to help jurors experience a crime scene for themselves.

Utility Associates, of Decatur, Ga., is a software company that helps public safety, utilities and transit enterprises stay connected.

Simon Araya, Utility’s vice president of technology, said the Smart Scene 360 allows police officers to capture a crime scene or evidence within minutes. It would be used with the company’s BodyWorn police body camera.

The program, loaded onto the officer’s phone, guides them as they take a series of photos that will be stitched into a virtual image.… read more. “Using body cameras and VR to help jurors experience crime scenes”

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