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Call: NetGames – International Workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games

10th Anniversary of the annual International Workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games
Ottawa, Canada, October 6-7 2011
Special Issue on Network and Systems Support for Games in Springer’s Multimedia Systems Journal

NetGames brings together researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to present the latest research results and challenges of today’s networked games, and to understand their requirements and possibilities in order to enable the next generation of networked games. NetGames also provides industry keynote and panel discussions. Submissions are solicited on all aspects of networked games, including (but not limited to):

  • Scalability, cloud support, client-server, and P2P system architectures
  • Efficient message distribution and network protocol design
  • Latency issues and lag compensation techniques
  • Network traffic modeling, measurement, and impact on network infrastructure
  • System benchmarking, performance evaluation, and provisioning
  • Operating system enhancements, service platforms, and middleware
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming (MMOG)
  • Multiplayer usability and user behavior studies
  • Personal communications and conferencing in games
  • Mobile games, resource-constrained systems, and context-based adaptation
  • Networks of sensors and actuators, networked haptics
  • Quality of service, quality of experience, and content adaptation
  • Dynamic and user-generated content authoring and management
  • Content creation: non-linear storytelling, object capturing, algorithmic creation
  • Security, authentication, accounting and digital rights management
  • Cheat detection and prevention
  • Social networking in multiplayer games
read more. “Call: NetGames – International Workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games”
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Harvey Norman stores employ ‘V’, a virtual salesperson


Harvey Norman employs ‘V’, a virtual salesperson

By Lorna Brett
Posted on: April 11, 2011

One Harvey Norman store in every state has welcomed a new staff member to its team this week; Rowenta’s affectionately nicknamed “V” salesperson, otherwise known as Spyeglass’ Virtual Presenter.

Present at Rowenta’s ‘Experiential Lounge Room’ in Sydney last week, ‘V’, a woman holding an iPad while talking about vacuums in Rowenta’s new range, was doing a job normally reserved for a living, breathing salesperson.… read more. “Harvey Norman stores employ ‘V’, a virtual salesperson”

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